Domain Age vs SEO

As you learn more and more about SEO and all of the elements that go into optimizing your site, you may have heard some buzz around domain age. A lot of webmasters and SEO experts have been trying to figure out how big of a role domain age plays in SEO optimization, or if it really even plays a role at all. The following are some tidbits of information and viewpoints about domain age and SEO to help you decide whether or not it is a big deal.

Domain Age DOES Matter

Domain age has been established as one of the factors Google uses to establish search result rankings. It even told us that it would start taking this into account all the way back in 2005. Google looks at not only domain age, but it also looks at renewal information as well.

It Is Only One Factor

To some people just starting to learn about SEO, they think that search engine optimization is about using keywords, but that is only a single element. A good, solid SEO campaign is comprised of several elements. Keywords, linkbuilding, content and more all go into SEO, and domain age is just a sliver.

Future Age Counts Too

Google is looking to make sure that sites are not fronts for spammers and scammers to rip people off. These nefarious sites often are registered for a year or less, but serious and legitimate websites will often register for longer. Sites that are often renewed or registered for durations longer than a year will most likely get the same boost that an older site received.

Older Sites Get The Benefits Of Age

Just as older people are wiser and richer for the experience, so are websites! A website with several years under its belt is most likely full of more content and has more backlinks than a younger site. The age and quality of these links alone are probably responsible for a big boost, which is something that many SEO experts seem to concur with.

An Older Site Isn’t Necessarily A More Credible Site

People and businesses buy domains all the time, and then they don’t do anything with them. Think of all the parked domains and affiliate sites with filler you stumble across on the internet why you make a typo on the URL! Spammers and scammers can also often successfully keep a site around for years before they are forced to take it down or decide to move on to a new business. Just because a site is old it isn’t necessarily more worthwhile.

Domains Can Change Hands Without The Registration Changing

Scammers, spammers and even legitimate webmasters can have sites for years and then sell them off. The registration may not change, but the odds are good that the site changes… drastically. The new website on the domain probably has nothing to do with the old site and the old content, but it will most likely be reaping the benefits from the age of the URL.

Best Fresno SEO Professional

One of the better methods to measure a new SEO firm’s quality would be to check their current rankings for competitive keywords such as Fresno search engine optimization. If the company owner promises high rankings he can’t rank his own website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, we should probably steer clear of such company. It is as simple as asking: “Where are you currently ranked?”. If they can prove their rankings and they are much better than those of their competitors, there is a good chance the search engine marketing firm will make good on their promises.

A legitimate Fresno SEO expert should offer support, professional advice and most of all be able to devise an entire online marketing plan for a given company. Specialists over at will not only do that but also create an informative video presentation pinpointing all the week spots of the website and give useful advice on how to fix them.

Let’s have a look at how beneficial SEO can really be for your business. If you are at all serious about your online presence, you’re going to want to work with the best SEOs in business and that is understandable. Think of it as a visit to a doctor. If there is a problem with your health, it is natural you want the best specialist that there is. So after diagnosing your problem the treatment begins and depending on the seriousness of the ailment, full recovery might take a couple of months.

Exactly the same principle applies to SEO. You see a good search engine optimization expert will analyze your website and on the basis of the information you provide about your business, they will recommend a “treatment” which price will be dependent on factors such as level of competition, keywords or type of business to name a few. Now, if the business owner is reluctant to provide details such as information about a marketing budget or average customer worth, the “treatment” might not be estimated accurately what may result in poorer end result.

Another important thing to look out for are the SEO companies that perform their services for the same price. $500 a month won’t be enough to rank a multinational company for global search terms. This strategy often produces poor results and creates a bad rep for skilled SEOs.

Bottom line is there are no two companies alike and every single one of them should be evaluated separately. Imagine a personal injury lawyer in Fresno. Let’s say the local keyword gets searched 200 times a month. If this lawyer’s website is number 1 in Google for the given local search term, it may be assumed that this website will get about 100 visits a month.

With a close rate of 10%, this lawyer will make about $100.000 additionally in revenue, provided that an average personal injury client is worth about $10.000.

Do you really believe that there is an SEO firm that can get this lawyer the $100.000 by charging $500/mo? That will never happen because there will be other lawyers who will spent 10 times this much to get the #1 spot in google. It is as simple as that. So next time you try to contact SEO professional make sure they can prove their ranking skills and also think about the monthly value that the top Google ranking would have for you.

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The main criterion on the basis of which Google decides which website to rank first is trust. The older and the bigger the site is usually the more trust & authority it has. For that reason alone posting a short entry on a trusted classified ad site or other huge authority site in your niche can easily outrank your own business website.

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