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NEW DELHI: The lockdown has moved the education system from classrooms to bedrooms. Blackboards have been replaced by Zoom or Skype calls with teachers teaching online.

While online courses were affordable for those with access to smartphones, tablets and laptops, students from the economically weaker section were left behind in this rapidly changing world.

To make online education accessible to everyone, Siddhant Nigam Sinha, a 17-year-old student, decided to collect various electronic gadgets to distribute to those who need them the most.

“I was particularly worried about the inability of these students to participate in this financially demanding new way of learning, especially in India, where data and cellular equipment are scarce for the majority. The change has left many students behind the curve, ”said Siddhant Nigam Sinha, a Gurgaon resident, currently studying at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

Over the past two months, Siddhant, through the Sun Foundation, has raised money and old devices for these students.

“Some of the students from the EWS families said they weren’t able to continue their education and continue with their classes. Some of them only had one phone at home and couldn’t attend all the lessons … I wanted to help these students. We have raised funds from businesses, RWAs and even individuals, ”he added.

Siddhant is looking for more devices and has reached out to RWAs across Gurgaon, crowdsourcing platforms, WA groups of industry associations and some companies to help them with this process.

The devices collected will be donated to the students of certain EWS schools and a receipt from the administration of these schools will be duly provided to the donors.

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