5 new electronic gadgets for overlanding

As CES focuses more on automobiles, you can’t leave the crowds flying over. Check out new electronic gear and gadgets for overlanders at CES.

1. Scosche M8TRIX power management system

Replace all those individual switches and buttons with the new M8TRIX from Scosche.

Connect up to 8 different accessories such as lights, heated seats, air compressors, winches, refrigerators, inverters and more, all via a single touchscreen.

2. Voxx Power Systems starter starter

Look no further for that battery or jumper cables when you’ve been camping for a few days and you’ve run out of battery to power your fridge, lights, and other accessories.

VOXX starter on board overland these 2020

Voxx has developed an on-board starter that connects directly to your battery and charges while you drive. The emergency starter also monitors your battery and sends low battery alerts to your smartphone.

3. Objective Zero Yeti X

Looking to power electronic devices off the grid? Yeti has released its most powerful Yeti to date. The Yeti X is their lightest and most powerful lithium-ion powerhouse, designed for fast, reliable, noise-free power on the go.

goal zero yeti x these 2020

The 6 Yeti X models ranging from the 200X, 500X, 1000X, 1500X, 3000X, and 6000X (model names indicate battery capacity in watt hours) will include USB-C power, faster solar charging, and 12V ports for power. refrigerators and laptops. The top of the line Yeti 6000X is designed to power home circuits for days.

4.RAM Mounts Waterproof Wireless Charging and Garmin Mounts

You couldn’t miss the Ram Mounts stand with this Gladiator J20 on big and aggressive Nitto Trail Grapplers.

these 2020 overland tech 20

RAM brackets have long been a staple for anyone looking to mount accessories safely and this year they are adding a bunch of products to their model lineup.

these 2020 ram rides garmin overland

To make life easier for Garmin users, RAM Mounts introduced its new Garmin universal mount, which clips onto a Garmin belt clip. It will fit any Garmin portable device

2020 ces 2020 ram mount waterproof wireless charger

Another new element was their waterproof wireless charging phone holder, which they displayed completely submerged.

5. Garmin Overlander

Speaking of Garmin, they’ve developed something specifically for off-road enthusiasts. As the name suggests, the Garmin Overlander GPS tablet is designed for on- and off-road navigation.

garmin overlander these 2020

It offers topographic maps for point-to-point guidance in North and South America.

garmin overland these 2020

You can also find campsites without cell reception with preloaded iOverlander Points of Interest and ultimate public campgrounds.

garmin overland these 2020

In addition, it has a built-in compass, altimeter and barometer, record your tracks and you can connect it to a rear view camera and inReach satellite communications.

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