Clean up your power supply and get cleaner sound from your audio


We HiFi buffs love to squeeze every ounce of performance out of our systems, whether it’s upgrading our speaker cable, improving the insulation in our speakers, or even conditioning the electricity that runs our amplifiers. , decks and streamers. So, throw out that cheap, nasty power strip and use something better to power your audio setup.

Atlas Cable is a specialist cable engineering company based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. I’ve reviewed the brand’s cables and interconnects before and the company makes well-made and relatively affordable cables of every imaginable type. Some people spend crazy amounts of money on their audio cabling, but I often think it’s all about diminishing returns. However, wise investments in speaker cables, interconnects and power cabling can improve the sound.

Today Atlas Cables has produced an affordable line of power distribution blocks called Eos Modular 2.5. The product was designed to replace inexpensive multi-channel power supplies that you might find on sale at a home improvement store or local supermarket. The Eos Modular 2.5 block is housed in an aluminum chassis and internally wired with 2.5mm² copper conductors. The high-quality cabling guarantees unhindered power transmission between individual outlets with minimal resistive losses.

But why would you want to shell out more than a few dollars for an electrical distribution block? Granted, all a power supply does is provide electricity to your audio or home theater setup… right? Wrong! Our homes are an electrically noisy soup that is inundated with all kinds of interference from the various devices in our homes. Refrigerators are notoriously loud when it comes to interfering with electrical circuits. Low-quality power distribution blocks and extension cords that many people use for their audio or home theater systems can contribute to reduced performance.

Some inexpensive power supplies have little or no shielding and often have noisy neon power indicators, fuse holders, and substandard wiring or bus bars, all of which are points of potential weakness. You can read about some of the problems here. The Eos 2.5 is a rugged, shielded power expansion adapter specially designed and built to provide unhindered power to components of any audio setup or home theater system.

Housed in a highly conductive aluminum chassis, each outlet of the Eos 2.5 is optimized for low contact resistance and minimal resistive losses. When used with Atlas Cables Eos dd, Eos 4dd, or Eos Superior shielded power cables, RFI screening is carried out. Rubber studs or tapered tips also provide an additional level of mechanical isolation or coupling, as well as a built-in wall mount option.

An integrated direct-to-floor drainage path for interconnects and shielded cables features Atlas Cables’ Grun Coherent Earth system which further reduces system background noise, typically suppressing the digital “glare” that is a typical symptom of RFI/IEM noise degrading the audio signal.

If you want to get more out of your home entertainment system or AVB TV and receiver, be sure to clean your power supply to eliminate hum and lack of focus in your system’s sound.

Price and availability: The Atlas Cable Eos 2.5 power supply ships now and costs $ 550 / £ 395 / € 460.

More information:


  • Low contact resistance sockets
  • Conductive Aluminum RF Enclosure
  • 2.5mm2 conductors throughout the chain
  • Provision of an external drain connection pole on the ground
  • Insulation tips and feet
  • Wall fixation
  • Designed to complement Eos shielded power cables
  • UK, Nema and Shuko variants available