Energy-efficient electronics for your home

Nowadays, when shopping for home appliances, we often look for appliances that are environmentally friendly and have energy saving features.

Manufacturers are also trying to adapt to green technologies and make sure their products don’t harm the environment as much.

The following four eco-friendly home appliances provide convenience and lower your electricity bill with minimal energy consumption.

Samsung washing machine

Price: 96,000 Tk (approximately)
Where to find: Samsung showroom,

When it comes to washing your clothes, the Samsung WF906U4SAGD 9kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is one of the best models available on the market. Durability and low power consumption are its main characteristics.

This washing machine does not contain the motors of conventional Samsung models.

Rather, it has the latest brushless digital inverter motor. Thus, it operates at cooler temperatures and consumes less power and saves on electricity bills.

This stainless steel based washing machine is constructed with an “Eco Bubble Wash” method for washing and drying clothes.

In less than an hour (59 min), it provides powerful cleaning and intensive stain removal.

Its revolutionary “Eco Bubble” technology vaporizes the detergent with air and water and generates cleaning bubbles before the cleaning cycle begins.

Compared to concentrated detergent, these bubbles penetrate fabrics faster and more efficiently.

We often prefer lukewarm water to clean our water repellent fabrics. But with this model, you can effectively wash any fabric in cold water.

Its improved diamond-shaped drum helps wash clothes gently and the small water outlet holes protect clothes from damage.

Originally from South Korea, this washing machine is offered in a sophisticated stainless steel color. It is available at Samsung Electra showrooms nationwide.

The real price in Bangladesh is 96,000 Tk. However, it varies from 86,000 Tk to 95,000 Tk in different showrooms and online stores.

So if you want a simple spin and rinse or just a quick and convenient wash, this washing machine is the best option.

LG Dual AC Inverter
Price: 88,800 Tk
Where to find: LG showroom, Daraz

Although the year ends in two months, the weather is quite hot and humid and you can still decorate your room with an air conditioner.

If you want to buy an eco-friendly air conditioner from many varieties and brands, then don’t think much before bringing home the LG Dual Inverter 1.5 Ton AC, LG S4UQ12JA3AC.

This air conditioner has an active energy control function and can save up to 70% energy.

Built with the “LG DUAL Inverter Compressor” and a variable speed double rotary, this air conditioner has a wider rotation frequency, thus saving more energy with a higher speed cooling range than conventional compressors.

It features an advanced LG Gold Fin ™ anti-corrosion condenser which provides higher corrosion resistance and extends the durability of the heat exchanger for a longer period of time.

In addition, this condenser prevents dust, sand, smoke and chemicals from entering your air conditioner and is resistant to the effects of these corrosive elements. As a result, this installation gives your air conditioner a better lifespan.

This air conditioner works very quietly, giving you a lot of peace and comfort while cooling your surroundings.

LG Dual Inverter AC is available in LG Butterfly showrooms and various online stores. The official price is 88,800 Tk with the down payment and EMI facilities.

Walton Frost Free Refrigerator

Price: 84 900 Tk
Where to find: Walton Showroom

A refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most essential household appliances.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly refrigerator, tech giant Walton recently released the 6A9 frost-free model with maximum eco-efficiency and made with green technology.

This model is built with an intelligent and energy-saving inverter compressor as well as a totally environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant, without CFCs or HFCs.

The main feature of this smart refrigerator is to keep the food germ-free by its germ-killing intelligent ionization system, and it can be controlled by cellphone from anywhere in the world.

In addition, if you leave the refrigerator door open for more than a minute, an alarm system will automatically sound.

Its smart inverter technology saves 50% more energy than most conventional frost-free refrigerators.

In addition, its artificial intelligence-based 3D matrix speed optimization technology ensures maximum cooling effect with optimum power consumption. It can also be connected via Wi-Fi.

Currently, the Frost Free Model 6A9 is available at Walton showrooms. The official price is 84,900 Tk. It is designed with a side-by-side tempered glass door. The upper refrigerator compartment consists of five shelves with a single interior light, just like the freezer compartment.

Bosch Dishwasher
Price: 66,900 Tk

Where to find: Transcom electronic showroom

If you want to clean your dishes and save energy at the same time, then the Bosch SMS50E92GC dishwasher is the right choice for you.

This kitchen appliance has a rotary speed sensor that recognizes the water level. Usually for large loads you need more water for soaking dishes and for small loads less water is sufficient for rinsing.

The load sensor provides optimum water use even for half loads or partial loads, thus saving water and electricity.

It also has an economical EcoSilence DriveTM. This addition is exceptionally quiet, efficient and guarantees low power consumption. It works without brushes.

For your delicate glassware, this Bosch dishwasher features glass protection technology, which prevents glass corrosion and ensures glass dishes are always washed with care.

In addition, this stainless steel based device adds more adjustment options and maximum flexibility with the Rackmatic triple system.

Its AquaSensor installation regulates water consumption according to the type and degree of soiling. It uses light beams to manage the flushing.

Its half load option doesn’t make you wait for the dishwasher to be full. For less dishes, this option saves water and time.

The actual price of this dishwasher is Tk 66,900 and you can buy it in electronic retailer showrooms or online stores. But pay attention to the warranty documents and other papers before making the payment.

ECO + water heater
Price: 10,750 Tk
Where to find: Butterfly Showroom, Eco + Showroom

This ECO + geyser has a water capacity of 40 liters. Its real price is Tk 10,750 but it is also available at six months EMI at 0% interest. It has a function of improving energy efficiency and therefore consumes less electricity.

A typical water heater consumes 4000 watts per hour, while the ECO + consumes only 1500 to 2000 watts, saving up to 50% energy.

The installation process is explained in detail in the manual so that any local plumber can set it up. The enamel coated tank protects it from overheating and can work for long hours. Its long-lasting magnesium rod protects it from electric shocks. In seven to ten minutes, it can heat the water and keep it warm for the next few hours.

Although it has a temperature, heater and power indicator, the geyser is basically automatic and will shut off on its own. It is also IPX4 certified, which means the geyser is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about it being damaged by splashing water. The ECO + water heater has received three stars from users for its practicality.

Walton room heating
Price: Tk4,700
Where to find: Walton Showroom

Winter is coming, so maybe you are looking to buy an affordable heater. Having said that, local brand Walton has proven to be very useful. In a 5,000 Tk range, it launched a room heater, the WRH-PTC301W, which caught the attention of users and received high marks.

Although normal room heaters consume approximately 1500 watts, this unit consumes approximately 1000 watts. Thus, it saves up to 30% on your electricity bill.

It has a remote control to change its mode to fan, hot and hot. The LED display always shows the room temperature. If the device heats up too long, it has a safety switch to ensure your safety.

Although it is a radiator, you can use it in the summer as a fan. It has a timer which can be set up to eight hours. Interestingly, it doesn’t create any noise, allowing you to sleep well at night with the heating on. In addition, Walton provides six months after-sales service.

Kiam induction cooker
Price: 3,200 Tk to 3,500 Tk

Where to find: Daraz,

Do you know how much heat a gas stove or electric hob consumes? Only about 65% to 70% of the heat is used for the actual cooking, but with an induction cooker you can use 85 to 90% of the heat.

This makes induction cooking much more energy efficient and popular. Among many brands, Kiam, model K-9010, is quite reasonably priced. It features an extra large coil panel and a high thermal readout which helps induce heat. The top panel is made of full tempered glass which is super heat resistant and can resist fading. It also has a screen that shows the electricity consumption.

The different heat setting levels, between 60 degrees Celsius and 270 degrees Celsius, allow you to cook on high, medium, semi-medium and low flame just by touching the automatic sensor screen. It also has overheat protection and auto shutdown that keeps you safe.

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