Ephrata Board Approves Power Block Purchase Resolution | Community News

When: Ephrata Borough Council meeting, June 6.

What happened: The borough council has approved a resolution allowing the borough to purchase blocks of electric power over the next three years to hedge against soaring energy prices for its electric customers.

Quotable“If we don’t buy blocks at fixed values, we’re at the mercy of the daily market,” said Steve Morrison, director of utilities at Ephrata. “Every day we would pay the price of the day. Obviously on some days we will pay more than the market of the day, but mostly we will pay less than the market rate. We have predicted that the market will continuously increase, so we want to pay a flat rate. »

How it works: Purchasing energy blocks at a price no greater than $69 per megawatt-hour will lock in the borough’s tariff through 2023, 2024, and 2025. Ephrata is one of 35 boroughs in Pennsylvania that are energy providers. municipal electricity, supplying electricity exclusively to their residents.

Also: The borough council voted to hire a public relations firm to rebrand Ephrata and improve its online presence. Lancaster’s Quantum Dynamix LLC was hired to improve information sharing on social media platforms when announcing community events, road closures and public safety issues. The PR firm will spend approximately three months developing a communications brand at a cost of between $17,250 and $21,500. This will be followed by a 12-month communications strategy at a cost of $4,300 per month.

Police registration fees: Council has approved a request from Chief Constable John Petrick to charge a ‘reasonable fee’ for copies of police recordings, both video and audio. Fees would include a non-refundable fee of $125 plus $200 per hour for a treatment of at least one hour, for a total of at least $325. This same system is used by regional police departments in Manheim Township and North Lancaster County.

emergency exercise: The Board has approved a request from Wellspan Ephrata Community Hospital to close Third Street on June 14 for an emergency drill.