How much electrical power does my company or business need?

In Spain, thousands of SMEs suffer from increases in the price of electricity, the impact of which is greater than in large companies due to their higher consumption than that of households. This problem results in the loss of greater competitiveness in the market, as they are forced to increase their prices to mitigate the high electricity costs.

In the following article, we show you in detail the best power supply for SMEs and businesses and recommend the one you need depending on your activity. This way, you can avoid power outages and excess power that hurt your competitiveness. Let’s start!

What should I take into account to know the power that my business or company needs?

The concept of electrical energy is often associated with your house or home, but you need to think about it as something beneficial to your business or business. For this reason, it is important that you take into account the following variables to contract the appropriate electrical power:

  1. Size of room or office: It is important to keep in mind something as simple as the fact that more metershigher energy demand. Calculate the space you need based on your growth forecasts and bet on teleworking to save money.
  2. Number of workers: An office needs computers, printers, electricity and, ultimately, a number of electrical appliances that will consume energy. So, the more workers we have, the more power we need.
  3. Number of electrical appliances: Whether it is an office rest room or a factory, it is important to keep in mind the technical specifications of the electrical appliances and machines to be used in order to know the power consumption of each of them. between them.
  4. Type of activity: a clothing store will need light from the premises during its business hours to illuminate the premises and shop windows, and a bakery will need to operate its ovens all day. In short, you need to consider the type of activity you do and do an industry study to get a precise idea of ​​the electrical power you will need.

What is the ideal power to hire for my company?

Once you have a rough idea of ​​the electricity demand you are going to need, see if you have a single-phase or three-phase installation. Once done, you can contact cheap electricity distributors who will recommend suitable electric power and electricity tariff for you to hire in your company or business. The options will be:

  • Power less than 15 kW: Intended for individuals and small businesses.
  • Power greater than 15 kW (low voltage): Intended for SMEs and the low voltage industry.
  • Power greater than 15 kW (high voltage): Intended for SMEs and the high voltage industry.

To see more clearly, an average restaurant it needs an electrical power greater than 15 kW, a small business around 5 kW and a cafeteria between 10 and 15 kW.

If you are self-employed with a small office or you work from home, it is usually enough to rent a power of less than 15 kW.

if you have one growing businesswith the number of workers more than 10 people, it is advisable to choose a power greater than 15 kW (low voltage) to avoid problems such as power cuts and ensure your short and medium term growth safely.

In case of being a large company or factory, keep in mind that you will need a large number of devices and machines that will consume a lot of energy. For this reason, we advise you to opt for a power greater than 15 kW (high voltage).

How do I know if I made the right choice with the power subscribed for my company?

It is important to know that having an excess of subscribed electrical power is bad for your pocket, since you will pay more each month. It can be a competitive advantage for your business.

On the other hand, not reaching the contracted electrical power also has its drawbacks, such as suffering jumps in the differential. Consequently, you will have permanent power cuts and you will have to stop your activity.

To find out if you have sufficient electrical power in your SME, you can observe the following sections:

  • The Bill of Light: Here you can see the number of kW you request during a given billing period. If the result is much lower than the contracted power term (fixed concept), it means that you have more power than necessary and vice versa.
  • History of the maximum power recorded: with the application of your distributor, you can consult the history of the power to know if the kW consumed are adjusted to the limit that you have defined with the term of power.

Choose the power your business needs with Gana Zone

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