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THANE: An elderly couple with Sampat de Thane are facing the heat, literally, in these days of lockdown after their air conditioning unit suddenly turned off while the lockout was in effect. Likewise, Malad’s Ratnam family also face a double jeopardy after two essentials in their home – the television and microwave – were abandoned during the lockdown period.
The Sampats and Ratnams are one of the many families in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai who are said to be facing hard times due to gadgets malfunctioning at the “wrong time”. With the blockages in place, these families face problems as no technician is available to repair these damaged gadgets, forcing them to obediently adapt to the situation.
“The microwave oven, the most used appliance in our house, stopped working the night of the announcement of national containment. We are a family of seven and it is constantly used for reheating food and even cooking occasionally. It made it very awkward. We have no way to fix it and it made us nervous about the durability of all other appliances including the refrigerator. Our TV is also broken and there is no way to get it back, ”says Naina Ratnam.
The Sampats say they are now spending time at the mercy of the ceiling fan and are hoping the situation will ease quickly and the crashed AC unit will be fixed in time.
Meanwhile, a couple in Kolshet, Thane, who work from home, face a problem after one of their laptops developed issues and the unavailability of technicians forced them to share the other. machine. “We have the option of working from home, but it’s often difficult to work with just one laptop. My husband and I need to plan our hours to use the gadget now, ”explains the resident.
Several residents say they are now forced to either accept the situation or carry out the repairs themselves, as technicians have refused to show up in these days of lockdown. Rohan Nair, a resident of the Hiranandani Estate in Thane, had to repair his air conditioning unit after suffering damage on Sunday evening. “The technicians refused to come despite requests, but one of them was kind enough to instruct me by video call to make sure my unit was operational for the next few days,” he said. declared.
In another part of town, another resident Vijay R said he had to repair a television himself and drill its bracket into his bedroom wall because no technician was available to perform the work.
Neela Joshi, a resident of Dahisar, tried to call technicians after her washing machine’s drain hose was damaged, but to no avail. “My daughter, son-in-law and grandson moved in with me until the curfew lasted and the laundry basket overflowed almost every morning. Having no chance of getting a new hose. evacuation anytime soon, I tried to plug the existing holes with cello tape, ”she said.
While residents are in a hurry, several gadget repair technicians, including those associated with businesses and even freelancers, complain that they are facing a deluge of calls from customers asking to take care of faulty gadgets or damaged.
A Mulund cell phone repairer said he receives numerous calls daily from anxious customers asking to repair their damaged cell phones that have developed snags. “I try to convince my customers that it is not possible to repair their gadgets, because most of the complaints are related to the hardware, like damage to the screen or software problems which can be fixed mainly in the workshops. . People are willing to pay more but we are powerless, ”the technician said on condition of anonymity.
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