Mini UPS: Lightweight instant back-up power supply for electronic devices

What is a mini inverter?

A mini UPS is a small sized UPS system that provides uninterrupted power supply to electronic devices in the event of a power failure or voltage drop / surge to an unacceptable level. It prevents any interruption in the operation of connected electronic devices because it maintains their power supply. Unlike a generator, an inverter immediately powers devices without any lag. A mini inverter consists of a battery that stores direct current and supplies alternating current to devices in the event of a power failure or surge. It usually comes with multiple sockets so that many devices can be connected to it.

How does a mini inverter work?

A mini UPS works with the collaboration of its three key components – rectifier, battery and inverter.

  • The function of a rectifier is to convert the alternating current received from the mains into direct current which is used to charge the battery. The rectifier only operates until the mains supply is switched on.
  • The function of a battery is to store energy until the moment when there is an interruption of the main power supply. It also determines the period of time up to which the UPS can provide backup power.
  • In the event of a power failure, the inverter converts the direct current stored in the battery into alternating current, then supplies this power to the instruments connected to the UPS.

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Characteristics of a mini inverter

  • Mini inverters are small in size and lightweight.
  • They produce very little noise when in operation and therefore can be used in homes, offices and educational institutions.
  • A typical mini inverter can provide uninterrupted power supply to devices with an output voltage between 5 V and 12 V.
  • These devices provide power immediately in the event of a blackout or surge without any lag.
  • It requires very little maintenance.

Applications of a mini inverter

  • Mini inverters can be connected to computers and their peripherals to provide backup power in the event of a power failure or surge. In this way, the computer can be shut down after saving all the useful data that could have been lost in the event of a sudden shutdown.
  • They can be used to power devices like CCTV cameras, routers, digital cameras, MP3 player, PSP, DVD player, and Bluetooth devices.
  • In addition, they can even be used for lighting purposes.
  • A mini UPS can be used as a power bank to charge a phone.

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