Off-grid, hacker-proof continuous power supply

DELTONA, Florida, January 3, 2017 / PRNewswire / – A raging cyber war puts your critical power supply at risk. Hackers fight relentlessly against the IT specialists of power companies. Suspected Russian malware found on a Vermont electric utility computer. With computers controlling everything in this world, bad malware could destroy the power grid in an instant. Transformers that take months to replace could become overloaded and burn out. You could end up with no heating or cooling, no rotten food, no light, and no way to contact anyone for help. Without the electricity grid, life would come to an abrupt halt.

Fortunately, a company of Florida produces a system that can provide you with continuous, hacker-proof, off-grid power. The Franklin-Thomas Company ( created a unique, non-cogging electric generator independently proven by Advanced Energy in North Carolina be 92.3% effective. The generator is a 9/18 phase permanent magnet generator which produces a DC voltage. The US Patent Office quickly granted this generator a full patent covering all claims in just 6 months. Connect the generator to a near-silent natural gas engine and you have power that no one can interrupt. But, there is more to the system developed by Franklin-Thomas Company.

One of their typical systems also includes batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter. The natural gas / propane engine spins the generator to create electricity. The electricity produced is supplied to a charge controller, which charges the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the engine stops. The batteries power the inverter and the inverter supplies grid-type alternating current. When the batteries are discharged, the engine starts and the whole process repeats. The owner is never without power, and since the system does not need to be connected to the Internet, no malware can affect the system. The cost per kilowatt hour could be as low as 3-5 cents.

The CEO of Franklin-Thomas Company, Joe shepard, recently demonstrated this system to representatives of a large country. This country now wants 1,000 gigawatts (not a typo) and 2,200 Shepard wind turbines for their rail system. Other countries, companies and entities are flocking to the special trailer developed to demonstrate this generator system. Another group wants to integrate the system with mortgages.

Shepard agreed to package the system and get it into the hands of users as soon as possible. For users who already have complete solar panel systems, the motor and single generator are designed to integrate seamlessly so that you can also benefit from continuous and uninterrupted power.

The FTC generator is guaranteed for 5 years of continuous service with an expected life of at least 20 years. The generator has no spare parts except for two easy-to-replace bearings. With proper lubrication, bearings can last a very long time. The magnets are expected to last at least 2,400 years.

Contact for more information:
Joe shepard
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(386) 747-3999

SOURCE The Franklin-Thomas Company

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