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Nashik: The demand for electronic gadgets and home appliances such as smart TVs, cell phones, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. increased in the last 4-5 days before Diwali.
Traders said they expected more than 25% growth in activity from last year.
Ravi Parekh, owner of an electronics showroom, said: “There has been an increase in demand for gadgets and electronics in the past 3-4 days as most people receive Diwali bonuses, which boost sales. ”
“Positive feelings in the market are being observed after a year and a half of the Covid pandemic. Smart LED TVs and mobile phones are in great demand. Apart from that, there is also a good demand for refrigerators and washing machines, ”Parekh said.
Sachin Muley, marketing manager for an electronic hypermarket, said there was a rush of people to buy smart LED TVs and smartphones. In addition, laptops are also in great demand.
“The market has improved after the easing of Covid restrictions. Sales have reached the pre-Covid level that was seen two years ago, ”said Muley.
“We are getting good deals this year and the activity has increased by 25-30% compared to the party activities during the same period last year,” he said.
Besides electronic gadgets and home appliances, there is a rush of people buying clothes and clothes.
Naveen Agrawal, owner of a clothing store, said, “Customer traffic has increased. Last year during Diwali, the business was affected due to Covid. But the scenario has changed this year and sales have reached pre-Covid levels. ”


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