Rtl today – EU energy consumption: energy labels on electronic devices have been updated

In order to reduce energy consumption, the updated labels will take effect on March 1, 2021.

The EU has decided to reintroduce a more understandable designation of the energy classes from A to G. All designations with A +, A ++ and A +++ will therefore disappear again in order to ensure the availability of spare parts and repair instructions.

The following devices are affected:

– Televisions
– monitors
– Dishwasher
– Refrigerators and freezers
– Wine refrigerators and minibars
– Washing machines, as well as washing machines with integrated dryers

Tires will receive new labels from May 1, while lights will not be affected until September 1. All other electronic devices such as dryers, vacuum cleaners or ovens will not be subject to new labels until 2024, while heaters will not be affected until 2026.

The transition period ends on March 18: after that, devices with old labels will no longer be allowed in stores. New devices are already shipping to various stores, which is why many may have two labels at the moment.

There will also be differences in the labeling of electricity and water consumption, as producers will now have to adhere more to the reality of consumption. There will also be more information on the new labels, for example the time of the rinse or wash program which influences the power consumption.

The site www.oekototen.lu, which lists the most energy-efficient products in Luxembourg, has naturally already taken these new labels into account.

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