Turkish Karpowership proposes to produce 300MW of electric power at the port of Douala

(Business in Cameroon) – On January 25, 2021, a delegation from the Turkish company Karpowership was received in audience by the Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. According to credible sources, the delegation was there to present the company’s plan to produce 300 MW of energy using a boat moored at the port of Douala.

We have proposed to develop, in less than a month in Douala, a 300 MW electricity production project, which will immediately start producing electricity at less than XAF 40 per kilowatt.“said Zeynep Harezi, Commercial Director of Karpowership.

According to the Turkish company, discussions for this project began a year ago with the Ministry of Water and Energy and the Douala Port Authority (PAD). The energy that Karpowership intends to produce on its ship at the port of Douala will be supplied to companies in the port area but also injected into the national electricity grid. For this, Karpowership will have to sign a sales contract with Eneo, the concessionaire of the country’s electricity company.

Billed as the owner, operator and builder of the world’s first Powership fleet, Karpowership has since 2010 completed fifteen Powerships with over 2,800 MW of power generation capacity. installed.

Its arrival on the Cameroonian market will not only allow the country to experiment with this new electricity production technology but also to increase its installed capacity (around 1,650 MW), thus approaching the objective of 5,000 MW in 2030. fixed in the National Plan 2020-2030. Development strategy (SND 20-30) drawn up by the government.


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