Two new electrical substations will be built in the port of Quincy

QUINCY, Wash., May 9, 2016 / PRNewswire / – Grant County PUD will construct two new electrical substations and upgrade two existing substations in the Quincy area by the end of 2017.

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Grant County PUD adopted a new process to build and repair substations, where the whole project is designed and built by the same company according to PUD specifications. Andrew Munro PUD said district utility officials decided to use the “design-build” system as a way to speed up the process. The PUD was looking at a backlog of up to five years to complete ongoing projects and substation applications, Munro said, and the design-build system is expected to dramatically reduce construction time to just about 18 months.

The two new substations, Quincy Plains and Cloudview, will both be built in the Port of Quincy. The Quincy Plains substation is being built for an industrial customer and will serve that customer, while the Cloudview substation is being built at the request of another customer, but will have room for two additional industrial customers , said Munro. Construction of Cloudview is scheduled to begin in October and will be completed by August 2017. Construction of Quincy Plains begins in November and is expected to be completed by August. august 2017.

An existing substation nearby Quincy at Babcock has old equipment that is in the process of being replaced, Munro said. The Winchester substation in the Quincy Valley is overcapacity and is being upgraded to improve reliability. Construction of Babcock substation begins in June and is expected to be completed in October, while construction of Winchester substation is scheduled for October 2016 To May 2017.

For more information please contact Curt Morris Where Patrick Patron from the port of Quincy through E-mail or 509-214-7696.

On Port of Quincy

Located in central Washington state near the Columbia River, the Port of Quincy is ranked among the best low-cost rural locations in the United States for commercial and economic development with a full range of infrastructure including: an abundance of low-cost hydroelectricity, high-capacity bandwidth dark fiber, an abundant irrigation water supply, a major interstate highway (I-90), a large-capacity water treatment system, a sufficient supply of natural gas, skilled workforce, approved foreign trade zone status, relatively cheap industrial and commercial properties, commercial air service nearby, a main long distance rail line (Seattle to Chicago), a modern intermodal rail terminal, and a central location in the heart of Washington State’s most productive irrigated agricultural region. The Port of Quincy has premier sites for food processing and manufacturing companies, warehousing and distribution companies, high tech companies and data centers, etc. At the Port of Quincy, major fresh produce and food processing and distribution companies such as Lamb Weston (ConAgra Foods), National Frozen Foods, Quincy Foods (NORPAC), Amway-Nutrilite, Simplot, Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers, Stemilt, CMI, Double Diamond, Jones Produce, Lineage Logistics, etc. sit alongside tech companies like Dell, Intuit, Microsoft, Sabey, Vantage, and Yahoo !.

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