UTC Aerospace to Supply Power System to Boeing 777X


UTC Aerospace Systems has entered into a contract with Boeing for the supply of the power generation system, cabin air conditioning and other components for the 777X aircraft.

Seen as a completely redesigned electric generator system, the new equipment will deliver 25% more power than its 777 aircraft counterpart.

Designed for the 777X, the system will include two integrated 150 kVA drive generators, an auxiliary generator, three generator control units and a bus power control unit.

UTC Aerospace Systems Aerospace Customers and Vice President of Business Development Gail Baker said, “These systems not only include proven technologies from our systems experience on the Boeing 777, but will also contain new technical solutions to support improved performance and operational efficiency of the 777X. . ”

As part of the contract, the company will also supply cabin temperature control equipment, frost protection technology for the wings and hood, and a full ventilation suite.

The fire and overheat protection system, electric door opener (PDOS) actuation, a lighter cargo loading system, cabin crew seats, brakes, main wheels and front wheels will also be supplied as part of the contract.

“[These systems] will also contain new technical solutions to support the improved performance and operational efficiency of the 777X. “

UTC’s specialized heating, waste and water management, and aerodynamic data systems such as angle of attack will be installed on the 777X.

These new components will increase performance, improve reliability and improve passenger comfort, UTC said.

Boeing had previously selected Liebherr-Aerospace, Aircelle, GE Aviation, BAE Systems and Nabtesco to supply various systems and components for the aircraft.

Liebherr-Aerospace will supply the components for the folding wing tip system for the 777X, Aircelle will supply the titanium exhaust systems for the GE9X turbojets, GE Aviation will supply the common base avionics and power supply systems.

BAE Systems and Nabtesco have been selected to supply remote electronic units and flight control actuation systems, respectively.

Image: A Boeing 777X. Photo: Courtesy of Boeing.

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