Vodafone to Supply 5G to UK’s Largest Electric Power Operator in First Global Trial


Vodafone will provide British electricity networks, the country’s largest community-based electric power operator, with 5G connectivity in a world-first trial.

During the last 12 months of November, UK Power Networks launched its Constellation mission which aims to rework the functioning of electrical energy networks. Constellation allows native substations to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points about the functioning of the community, meaning the community can safely reconfigure itself to allow increased volumes.

Ian Cameron, Head of Customer Service and Innovation at UK Power Networks, said of Constellation:

“By working with Vodafone and our business and educational partners, we are creating an exciting platform that keeps our most polished networks on this planet.

We already have sane management rooms and sane electric car chargers – developing sane substations within the center will help us facilitate zero internet and deliver real value and financial carbon savings to our prospects. “

Vodafone supports the Constellation mission by allowing substations to connect to each other on a dedicated and extremely secure slice of Vodafone’s 5G Autonomous Community (5G SA).

5G is up to 100 instances earlier than 3G and ten instances earlier than 4G and can enable each substation to analyze hundreds of thousands of information factors and manage the community for it. works more efficiently. The use of slicing allows the identical infrastructure to be divided into a number of digital networks with their own characteristics such as low latency or excessive bandwidth.

Andrea Dona, Network Manager at Vodafone UK, commented:

“Helping our prospects reach their formidable Internet zero targets is an important part of our technique. The UK Power Networks group saw the huge potential of 5G and community slicing.

5G will not only change older and more expensive applied sciences, it will bring new capabilities that benefit everyone – buyers, businesses and our environment.

We are trying to work with UK Power Networks on this exciting and progressive mission. “

Constellation hopes to help the UK meet its net carbon emissions target by creating additional space for renewable energy in the community. UK Power Networks’ clean energy turbines – along with wind and photovoltaics – have grown from just a handful in 1990 to more than 170,000 today.

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